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Election Blackout Dates

Navy Men Loafers Flats Casual Blue HI Dress Shoes Smoking Colorful Shoes amp;HANN Male Men's Men Slippers Velvet Loafers Men's amp;HANN Casual Smoking HI Shoes Men Navy Dress Male Shoes Flats Velvet Blue Colorful Slippers Men The 2017-2018 election blackout map listing blackout periods prohibiting the distribution of mass mailings and mass communications is now available.
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Modernizing Fundamental Public Access to Government Information

Apr 12, 2018

Harper Statement on Speaker Ryan

"Paul Ryan was appointed Speaker of the House at a very critical time, and he has humbly served with great honor, integrity, and distinction"

The Legislative Data and Transparency Conference 2018 (#LDTC18), hosted by the Committee on House Administration, took place on Thursday, July 12, 2018. To view the conference, click here.

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